AudioVisual Media Sideprojects and Shenenigans

Dr Suzuki and the Documenting of Japanese Mobilty

7 November 2020

Virtual Workshop Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Nov 2020

Tailem Bend

11 September 2020

Music: Deadly Roulette and For the Fallen both by Kevin MacLeod ( - License
Participant in the 2021 International Audiovisual Contest ›321 Challenge

Excerpt of A White Australia Industry

7 September 2020

Music: ›Die Eroks‹ by Cayzland (substituting here the text of the talk)
... showing cane sugar being brought to Australia aboard the First Fleet in 1788 and its cultivation spreading towards the northern shores of the continent throught the latter nineteenth century.


3 September 2020

Website Update

1 September 2020

A new page has been added – called ›AV Media‹ – as you have just found out.
This section of my website will give an insight into the audio-visual multimedia shows and talks I am creating. Stay tuned for more content...

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